Backyard Trials

Here’s a little video from last weekend, I was going to keep it fot a longer video but it started snowing lately. It’s not long, and the riding is not crazy, but it was fun!:smiley:



your technique is really starting to become beastly

agreed! you’re getting ridiculously good, that stillstand in the wrong position correction thing was awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, thanks guys! I’m trying to get a better techique because for me it seems like my technique is not getting me better. I’ll keep working on it, maybe I’ll really become beastly with my technique! I really appreciate the comments :slight_smile:

you have a nice style :slight_smile:

How far was that gap at 1:12?

Thanks:) I try to keep it as clean as possible!

It was 215cm:D

Hey man ! As I told you on CNM forum : very nice style !! :wink:
I really want to ride with you ! :smiley:

Thanks! I’d really like to go in France (in Europe actualy) sometimes to ride Trials with a bunch of riders!

Yeah !! It might be cool !! :wink:

Nice man! Very clean lines, and really well edited video, good job!