backwards cranks, backwards riding

Today, I wanted to ride some miles backwards - the skill needs improvement.

I rode .79 miles, and had to tighten the right pedal about 5 times.
Without thinking about it much, I rode home, and tried to switch the pedals (reverse threading prevented the switch). Next, I switched the cranks.

I tried to ride and got about 2 revs before a UPD.
Apparently, my Profile cranks are “krunk” (slightly bent in an undefined way).

It took me 5 tries or so to be able to ride backwards. I am not sure if the problem is in the pedals, the cranks or both.

I am wondering:

  1. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Should I attempt to repair the problem in some way?

Having ridden a bit (the last 150 miles or so) with slightly bent cranks I think you just get used to it after a while. Reversing the cranks means that each crank is effectively bent in a different way, so you’ll have to get used to it again. I expect you’ll get used to it soon though.

Just for future reference, might it have been easier to just swivel the seat 180 degrees rather than swap cranks?


Wonderfully simple John, but then the chevron-pattern tyre tread would be the wrong way round which could have lead to aquaplaning at high speed. :wink:

Not in this case. My seat post has been welded to the frame for various reasons. I do not intend to leave the cranks reversed - I am just surprised that there has been some bending.

Switching the cranks is more work then needed. Next time just spin the seat around its only one or two bolts that only need to be loosend.

Perhaps your pedals are directional. Pedals with an offset parallelogram design, like the Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals, would feel weird if they were backwards. Pedals with the block design, like the Union pedals, wouldn’t make any difference since they’re symmetrical.

You could also try red Loctite to keep the pedals from loosening when riding backwards. Clean out the threads and clean off the grease before applying the Loctite.

How tight do the pedals thread in to the cranks? My muni pedals thread in very tightly while some other pedals thread in much more easily. If the pedals thread in too easily they would be more prone to getting loose when riding backwards.

Thanks John!
I am using Snafu pedals ($30 non-sealed bearing version).
My guess is that they are angled. I am hoping/glad that I had not bent my cranks, because I haven`t gone that big yet.

I think that all I really needed to do was tighten the pedal harder - though I am not sure. I have put the cranks back to normal.

That’s good.

I noticed that I posted something already said and you had a responce too. I left this thread up after your first posted then later in the day read it again and not hitting refresh posted so I didnt see the rest of the thread. Sorry about that.