Who here rides with there strongest/dominant foot forward and can backflip?

I ride with my dominant foot forward and can crankflip no problem but I have come to learn backflips and cant get any rotation, even when I try hard to flip with my back foot I till somehow seem to flip forward. If there are people who can backflip using there non-domenent leg (which Im sure there must be) how did you learn it? what advice can you give?


Think about doing a one-footer before you try to kick the cranks back. The key for me was to make sure to get the front foot off the pedal. Also, jump higher than you think you need to. Once you can do that all it takes is a little practice. I don’t think it makes a big difference which foot is stronger.

Thanks man I will give it a try tomorrow. Talking to Mike he thinks having your non-dominent foot back makes it quite a bit harder, he has his domanent foot back and he can backflip so nice.

I have my dominant foot forward and I can double back. I learned normal backs fakie first, then static, then finally riding forward. Pull up hard on the handle and jump backwards if it helps you in the beginning. Make sure you take your front foot off really quickly.