A friend of mine at school keeps bugging me to show him someone doing a backflip on a unicycle. It got me wondering, is it possible to to a backflip on a unicycle? I don’t mean the crankflip backflips either, i mean jumping up and backflipping yourself. has anyone ever heard of this being done and the person staying alive? I’d love to show him a movie with one in to show him the awesomeness of unicycling.

Not yet. There is very limited “air time” on a unicycle.

I believe someone tried one on a trampoline and nearly broke their neck, not many people have tried since. :slight_smile:

i can’t see why it can’t be done…

hop up to the top of some bleachers (4 foot drop or so) and do a back flip…

you first…

but if it can be done, that’d be how i’d imagine it being done.

I asked about this a little bit after i joined this site =p

i bet if you were part of an gymanstics team, or were just able to use a gym with one of those really big foam pits, you could practice there, now i wanna practice it in a giant foam pit!!!

I think they’re even possible from the flat, much much easier from a small ledge though.


1x Average gymnast or trampoliner (or physically capable madman)
1x They get into unicycling for a couple of years
1x They have access to a foam pit

dont know any1 like that, i know some1 who can do backflips though… hes not a gymnast

Have a look at dismounts. It’s possible to backflip from a unicycle. Maybe it’s possible to do a backflip, while you are stand-up gliding and getting the moment short before the gliding is over. So maybe you can land it into drag-seat :smiley:

I thought people have succeeded on a trampoline…

There is a video of Trev ( I think that is his name, his user name is unicycleboy) hooked up to some wire and he hops from what looks like a table, its probably a ledge, onto a trampoline that is set with an angle, and he gets about 70% of the way through, i bet after a few more tries he would of landed it =p

EDIT: Heres the video

I know someone, his name is Trevor…


hehe you called :stuck_out_tongue:

SOme one in either the bonus footage of defect or uni 2 does a backflip on a trampoline and lands it

im almose certain

now what would be good if that loop the loop ramp into a lake that you’ve seen hawks on, someone doing it in a uni :wink:

c’mon ppl

first one who does bckflip get’s somethig from me

…endless respect :o)

Here is my idea. Get access to a large foam pit with a ledge about 6 feet above it. Hop off, bend over a bit, rotate backwards and most importantly, dont hit your head on the ledge!

It is physically doable, of course. I would love to try it if I had the pit and everything, but still… You first :smiley:

my dollar


I’ve heard it’s been done, (source another unicyclist). He does it like everyone thinks it would be done. Off something. Personally I don’t believe it. The unicycle adding to the length of your body it would be hard to flip fast, Since one can’t really get into a ball to spin. So it would be pike style. Ok. Find a large enough ledge where you would have the time to spin. Ok.Llets take into account, do you have the balls to do this? It’s your first time practicing (disregarding foam pit), you’re staring down a large drop behind you, you’re about to do what? Come on, are you sure that this drop won’t break anything on your uni, you don’t know how you’re going to land this, either over rotate, under rotate, or land and possibly break something. Too many elements for someone just to try it. In all this case, why don’t we get some sick freestyler, to coast, up a lip, and bust the backflip like a biker would. Laters

p.s. Everyone here asks me about this trick, it’s really annoying, since the physics aren’t really there, and if you did bust it amazing yes, but i’m not interested in such a bodily injurying trick. Insane if done i’ll give you that. I’ll do a fourflip first, haha. laters. I mean no disrespect to everyone, just a touchy subject for me, sorry everyone.

-Shaun Johanneson

yeah you can get mad about it and everything…i’m sure people did the same thing when they mentioned the 900 in skateboarding…and the backflip in bikes, and motorcycles…and the 360 on free style motorcross…hmm…wait, all these have been done and people thought they were imposible…

give me another year i’ll bust out a backflip :wink:

I always thought a front flip would be easier? If you had a 14" or sumthing with a pretty low seat and you could already do a back/front flip off something i dont think it would be that hard. I’d probly try it on grass off some foam blocks.

I would like to hear one quote saying that backflips in those other sports were said to be impossible. Dont make a joke and quote yourself.