Backflip or fakieflip?

whats easier to you guys? i want to learn them but i dont know where to start [backflip or fakieflip]. thanks

For me static backflips and fakieflips are easier than forwards backflips.

I found fakiebacks harder because I can’t ride backwards very well. I learnt them static, and then learnt them rolling, and then fakie.


ok thanks. do you mean static as hopping then doing it or something else?

static is doing it while stationary.

yeah but do you hop or just balance there then do it

Riding forward, then backflip is easy as a fakieflip to me.

lucky i wish i was that good

I learned fakie backs first because you can use your riding momentum and its easier that way. Then I learned them static. Then I did rolling and a prehop into the backflip then I got prehop away. I had my backflips 100% consistant and I could do them from riding forward as fast as I can but then I switched to 140 cranks and it got messed up and now I am riding 110s and that is strange too.

ok thanks. yeah that would sound right using the momentum to do it. thanks

Same here, I learned to do fakieflips before backflips but I suck at both so don’t take advice from me. :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends, lol. If you are domant forward flipping. Fakieflips should be easier (also depending on your backwards skills). After fakieflips it goes to static flips usually, then riding slowly forward to basically static backflip, then just keep practicing until they are flowy. If you are not forward flipping domant (then this will be your first flip trick, lol) most likely just learn them rolling forward.

-Shaun Johanneson

thanks for all the help. kelly[i think its you] i will listen to you cos you said the same things as shaun and spencer and luke. and guys are freaken awesome. ok thanks bye

oi i landed backflips in less than 15 goes of proper practice, they’re easy, way easier than fakieflip’s for me. later