Back Yard Bash

Hey everyone,
There is a trials competition in Victoria B.C. on august 28th, 2004.

I talked to the organizers there and they said we could have our own Catagory so that means our own medals and cash prizes :D.

If you need more information please see and check out backyard bash in the provincial report or check the forums there! :slight_smile:

SO!!.. long story short, i hope to see you there! RR’s will be there representin! so come challenge us wooohh!oo!! lol.


Dangit! Looks like i wont be able to make the back yard bash.
Do you think there is anyway you could talk the organizers into letting us have a unicycle section at the CPTA #3, in
Port Moody on sept. 12, 2004??? If so, i can most likley make that one and would love to challenge you guys.