Back Soreness?

howdy all
lately after ive been jumping or bouncing on my uni i get a sore back, its a real problem because im only 15 and i really dont want back problems at this age
does anyone else have the same problem? or does anyone know how to prevent it?

Yeeeeeeeeessssssss! I was just going to ask the same question…
I think it’s from bending over to pull up the uni. My backs been hurting alot after I unicycle…

One way to fix it might be to raise the set higher, but I dont wanna do that :smiley:

I started to get this…
I raised my seat only about an inch, maybe a bit more… Yes, it took a bit of getting used to but i can hop higher than with the lower seat now and dont suffer the back problems.

i get this too
i find after doing some trials, and then hours later when i go to bed my back would hurt when i lie down. it seems easily countered by doing a few sit-ups

my reasoning is that doing this warms the core muscles, and then lying down again to let them cool in a neutral, non load bearing position (its been working so far)
mights also have something to do with spinal compression from hopping
i dunno…

When I was learning to jump on three pallets, my back would hurt me after a while. It stopped when I took a break. It may be a problem, if you do it really frequent

I got this from si trials with a low low seat. Raise it up and afet a while you will be able to jump just as good. Also start learning sif it is so much better on your back.

back problems

I find after riding 5 - 10 kms my back muscles are sore.

I simplely commute to and from work every day.

For me its the lower back, no jumping involved, just riding.

But it could just be old age.



It’s not old age; I get the same thing after ~5km on my 29er. I don’t ride it very often though, so I think the muscles are just weak. I’m just going to try strengthening my back by doing supermans and maybe lifting weights.

I used to ride with a low seat, and from rolling hops only would I get some pain. Probably because how much force and bending over you do.

I raised my seat, and was worried about not being able to rolling hop as high, but that wasnt a problem at all. Doesnt hurt my back either, and I switched to SIF, so thats better too. It also makes my street and freestyle tricks feel better and easier.

I find just the opposite. When my lower back really starts to hurt it usually means I need to ride more. It seems to strengten my lower back. I love unicycling!!!

Get a quick relese and only lower your seat for trials stuff. You can also adopt a good posture while ridding a loew saddle (I found).