back pedal woes!!

ok im having trouble doing pedal grabs and going to rubber, i can do crank grabs to rubber most of the time but they’re still kinda sloppy. so here’s my question, my jumping position is right foot back left foot forward with my left hand on the handle and i jump to the right so i use mny back foot for everything. in most of the videos i watch whenever someone does a pedal grab they use they’re front foot, does that make any difference at all???

You ride weird:p But really I don’t think it make much of a difference. Like when ever I crankflip to a crank/pedal grab I land with my right(back) foot. And I don’t find going to rubber very hard. It might just be that you are still getting used to pedal grabbing. Cause if you can crank grab alright the pedal grab will just come later I suppose.

Learn how to use the other hand. I used to be backpedal and could not even try to do a pedal grab. i learned how to use the other hand so i could jump the other way and now i can pedalgrab. It takes a bit of work but now i can ride with either hand and crankgrab to either side.

it may be better to learn to jump to the other side w/ the other hand or turn your cranks 180*
a friend of mine is having the same problem, he is just learning pedal grabs. it is much more akward to go backwards for a pedal grab than forward (it goes forward or backwards because of the swinging motion… if you let it)

you can definitely do it. and it is probably not worth changing your style over either because of the way you ride.

i ride the exact same way…it just takes a little bit of practice… i can do crank and pedal grabs and grind with my back pedal…my peadal grabs are a little bit sloppy tho

thanks yall i’ve been working on it a lot and i can get it every now and then so i guess that means im getting better. one other thing, would seat height also be a factor in doing SIF hops and crank and pedal grabs?

Many people who do SIF will have their seat higher. Its a lot more comfortable on your back cause your not hunched over, and it makes it easier to tuck.

will i still be able to do like rolling hops, seat in jumps, and street stuff with the seat higher, or would it be better to just find like a comfortable medium where i could do pretty much everything with it?

Yes, its all possable still.

A happy medium would be good to find, but then just take it about an inch higher than that. =p

i did yall, i finally landed the pedal grab to rubber…i kinda took ya’ll advice as far as seat height and stuff but basically it was just practice and repatitiuon(sp?)
thanks again for the help