Back It Up

Hey guys,

Just making a new back it up thread for anyone who wants to play, No rules other than the obvious ones - In order to “Back it up” you must post a video of the thing to be backed up and something new for the next person.

Can be anything - street, flatland or random.

270 - 180 - 270 side

Back it up. 

Backing up.

New thing is 270 side-180sibtonotsibthing-1rev side/straight coast.

Dont mind the end, its for a BIU random.

Shouldn’t this be in RSU?

Yeah I suppose it should of been…my bad, it’ll survive here.

Nice work with the backing up! 270-body varial from sib thingy - one rev scuff coast is siick. :slight_smile:

hey! i try to back this up today if i wont forget :wink:

oups i did it but i did 270 sib i didnt see its side sorry! i try it tomorrow again if my foot gets better!

Somebody please back this up :stuck_out_tongue: I’m struggling with the 270 side to sib…I’ll probably get it one day, but not soon! …

I backed it up:

The new trick is a varial roll-backrollflip.