Back it up roll

What’s your stance?

same as yours but i spin counterclockwise

i think the footchange is very hard and i don´t know how hard backroll360 is but the backroll 180 is much easier than the footchange ^^

Hahaha I was asking Matti M :stuck_out_tongue:

i have the same problem at varialroll to 360 and and 360 to wraproll

Which foot do you have forward and which way do you spin?

my left foot is forward and i spin right

Oh you have the same stance as me. Backroll 360’s shouldn’t be too hard for you then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spin then normal, my stance is the same as yours and I think normal way is easier thant blind…

About the change, I give some tries today and I was really close to land I landed on the pedals after the second rolling wrap but I fell, but I can’t Imagine adding that varial roll at the end…:frowning:


that varial roll makes it like 5x worse…:frowning:

i will try both but the varialroll to 180 works better if i do it blind

:(I tried this trick for like a half hour a couple days ago… I can barely ever get the footchange.

i can get the foot change sometimes but i can´t add a varialroll at the end

I will post my vid because i land it!!! the first clip biu medium is in it too

Do we need to do the side jump backroll with our backfoot wrapping? I do my sidejumps with my frontfoot wrapping so I can’t.

do it like you want


you are crazy :stuck_out_tongue:
the seat wrap so easy^^

hahaha you could get a seat wrap on wheel easy. :wink: