Back it up roll

+wrap roll ackroll 53s super spencer to 180 sidespin

thx little brother

jz kon da eli den a scho xD

denn schaffsch du aber a ge

Somebody back this up. I want to do something

i think i can do that

sorry but I can’t understand, I’m new in this forum and my english is not very good. this back it up is finish? or what hapens?

i think that the latest trick is from Elias and i think that i can back it up it if this is not finished.


back it up is never finsish :stuck_out_tongue:
you have to do elias´s trick and then you have to add a combo that you want to do or a rolltrick

i know the trick is not that hard but i had to put much effort in it and i really like it :smiley:

new trick: varialroll to xroll to back xroll to push & mush to mega side jump

so sick combo

Yeahh!! Ludwig rides again :smiley:

Impossible combo :stuck_out_tongue:

Great combo! When my cranks are finished I will try :smiley: