Back It Up 'Beginner' (Trials)

For the people like me who arnt good enough for the “Back It Up TRIAL intermediate”. :smiley:

Who ever wants to start go for it. :slight_smile:

I’m on! :slight_smile: What is your highjumprecord? my is 65cm :slight_smile:

Wow, Mines only 37cm on a good day. :slight_smile:

the first vid is coming up soon… :slight_smile:

Oh goody. :slight_smile:

Hope I can do it lol.

Ill give that a try tomorrow in the light. :slight_smile:


My english isnt god, but im in :smiley:

I’ll play, but this might be too easy for me:(

I’m in

anyway how do these games work? Hope someone can explain.

Pretty much someone sets a trick and the next person does it and sets the new trick. :slight_smile:

it getting harder :wink:

I`ll post the next Video today evening:)

How long is the gap in cm? :roll_eyes: :smiley:

uuhh damned…70 cm :D, i didn`t see that :roll_eyes: . I will back it up

Anyone want to back it up?

Is it only a 70cm gap or is it hopping across a pallet and a 70cm gap?

K sorry it took me long to upload… and i dont have pallets… or a decent looking video…or a trials uni…but i did it and here it. Back it up

Oh and also, just skip the video to one minute… i messed up on the first try and on the second i didnt make the gap

new trick

so… what was the new trick??

hopping up a six and a half inch object which in my case was a curb. geez the video isnt that bad quality is it? :stuck_out_tongue: