**Back It Up begginers/intermediate** .

o.k .
this comp is for begginner/intermediate riders .
the aim is to set a trick and the first person to land it wins .
the person who landed the trick first sets the new trick .
you have a week to land it and then if not landed it is changed .

the trick can be flatland , street , trials , or anythjing someone around this level wants to learn !!! .

Back it up:
Person 1 sets trick 1 (any beginner trick)
Person 2 does trick 1 and sets trick 2 (same video, different clip (or same clip))
Person 3 does trick 2 and sets trick 3
Person 4 does trick 3 and sets trick 4…

have fun , who starts ? .

I dont like this idea. There’s going to be too much confusion as to what a “beginner” trick is. And if you are a beginner and a trick is done that you can’t yet do, then you are going to say that it isn’t a beginner trick, which depletes the purpose of this. You can’t win if you keep doing tricks other people can do.

yea but thats the situation with every other comp . ill start the game with a rolling 360unispin .

No it isn’t. The other Out the games and back it ups dont have limits. So someone can do a 1080 unispin off of something and no one can complain that they can’t do it.

With this, people will be skeptical about adding new tricks because of how difficult they might be. Its just my oppinion though.

then do a back it up street (without any limit) :roll_eyes:

Thats what i’m saying. I’ll participate in this but i don’t want to have to re upload 4 times because a 180 fllp isn’t beginner or intermediate. In my eyes its intermediate, but to someone else it may be hard.

The most of the other back it ups have limits, i think, but i dont want a discusion about that.

Im in :sunglasses:

i think it´s intermade :wink: but if i trick was setted i shouldn´t be reuploaded even if it´s hard
for example (if nobody wants to do a new biu ) heres a back it up street Street Back it up the trick is rev up a curb

Its no big deal guys, really haha i was just expressing my opinion.

I’ll play.

i guess i’ll play

o.k sweet . who starts ? .


rofl k . how bout an outside roll ? .
the first trick .



I’ve never landed anything close to that, but I guess I’ll try working on it for the next week. If not, I have an O already.

this is back it up, there are no Os or losing the game.
and he didnt do it yet, he was just asking if that is a medium/easy trick

yea thanks anyyterrain . so u keen? .

outsideroll is medium

Haha! I got confused between his OUT thread and his back it up thread. I guess I should check the title next time.

No O for me!

yea , so thats the trick ? .

Can i back it up?
the outsideroll