Back in the saddle.

Hello all!
After a long winter break (following my infamous Fall break…sigh… ) I’m back riding again!

I guess I can thank the prompting of my new uni pal. Jamie may only be 11lbs soaking wet but he does love to go for a MUni ride as often as I will let him. Following me through the local trails he puts his four paws to good use keeping pace with me as I work to dust off my uni skills.

Pictures of my latest uni pal out MUni’ing will follow but for now here is a shot of the lad posing with my longboard collection (err… ahhh… another reason for the slight interruption in my uni career).

Anyways, its good to be back and nice to see so many familiar ‘names’ still active in this forum.


…ahh right, here’s the photo (<crosses her fingers>)


Hi Erin.
I’m glad to see you’re back (remember, we’re birthday buddies :slight_smile: )
While you were “away” I had a bad crash on my Coker and ended up with a broken collarbone. The bone has healed, but I haven’t hit any trails yet on my MUni. I’m a little gun shy. It’s just over three months since my injury and a fall onto an outstretched arm or on the same shoulder as before and I’d be back in a world of trouble. I’ll just wait till the time feels right. In the meantime I’m getting in some trail rides on my mountainbike.
Dogs are great buddies aren’t they? I’ve got two very little pals (Chihuahuas) who kept me company during my recovery.

Welcome back!

  • Frank

i don’t think you were here when i sighned up so here i 'am. My name is Worminton. i usually won’t give much great advice but everyone here likes me. Just kidding but i am one of those that post here often.

Nice to meet you Worminton!

And Frank, ya birthday pal, thanks for the update but sorry to hear it was mostly in reference to the injury side of things. Yeah, there are definitely some enjoyable alternatives to uni’ing providing some good ways to have fun and keep fit after an injury.

I found that I was more gun shy than I expected when I actually tried to get back to uni’ing a couple of times since my break. Then again, it is just too much fun to abandon altogether so I realized that I needed to adjust my expectations a bit and then take my time easing back in.

Hey Erin,
Glad to see you’re back at it again. I was wondering what happened to ya’. I sort of figured you’d be posting MORE during your recovery :smiley: I know I spend a lot more time reading now that I’m “on the mend” again. You’ve got a handsome riding buddy there :wink:

Welcome back, from another who can relate. It is great to get back that missing piece of your life. There is a “fear factor” getting back on the trail, and also the tendency to expect too much too quick. I had a false start myself, then took a few weeks off, then got back to it with no more problems.
Have fun and don’t rush it. :sunglasses:


…hey guys, thanks for your ‘welcome back’ comments and riding suggestions.:slight_smile:

Welcome back Erin! Glad to see you’re adjusting your wheels to feet ratio downward again.

Don’t forget to come see your Seattle pals some time…we’re still doin’ the same old thing, a couple weekends out of each month.