Back Crankflips

Hey, I think you all should know I learnt backwards crankflips!! It was alot easier than learing front flips. I can do them static and fakie, forwards seems impossible to me. I think half backs and backs are heaps more similar than half flips and full flips. I’ll post a vid tommorow. Cya.

Great job i can’t do a crankflip!

sweet. hopefuly ill get them soon to

Learning new tricks is awesome. I learned trey flips last night. (360 unispin crankflip).


how long have you been riding?

Me or Luke?


Trey flips sound awsome, there’s only a couple of people who can do them. I’ve been riding almost a year.

i keep telling people that back crankflips are easier but they just dont wanna listen. good work on learnin them. have you got to the stage of doing them rolling forwards or off something?

put it on vid please i would like to see it

Nice, I can’t even start to do back flips, they are so impossible to me.


but you’re spencer, you can do anything!!


I could probably do it off something backwards but I can’t do them forwards at all.

ed reckons backflips are easier coz we jump with our left or right foot forward i forget but he says it’ll be easier backwards then forwards

good job there luke and ed is right spencer you can do anything:D


I think backflips would be easier for us anyway, just coz our chocolate foot is our right foot, which we have as our back foot (our front foot being the left foot)

The price we have to pay is front flips being harder, but thus is life.