Baby (Future Unicyclist) Announcement

Hi - just wanted to announce the birth of our 3rd baby, Ella Joy Moore. She was born on June 8th-- coincidentally my Grandmother’s 100th birthday.

Ella was 8lb1oz and 20.5" long. Both Mom & Ella are doing well. Mom was close to level-1 when she got pg, so she’s anxious to catch up with our daughter and get back in shape.

Cheers and Happy Riding to Everyone !!!

Babies are fun.

I hope Mom rode her uni while pregnant. Only sure fire way to make certain the kid is riding by her 2nd birthday. :wink:

Seriously, I think Bear benefitted from lots of hugs, good music, and having peer reviewed jounal articles read to him with gerat expression. :smiley:

All the best. Ella looks like a healthy happy baby!

Congrads. My dad’s 50th birthday was the 8th.

i was tryin to learn freemount but didn’t ride after we found out. this is my daugher Anna who i need to catch up with.

Happy birthday Ella, and congratulations to the parents.

Babies are amazing. The way they start out with a few instincts and work everything out from there. From not knowing how and why their limbs move, to balancing on their own two feet in little more than a year. After that acomplishment learning to unicycle shouldn’t be too intimidating a task.
Especially when born into a unicycling family.
Btw. what level is your grandmother?

Not by unicycling, for the first couple of days I suspect.

And congratulations to the proud parents!

Congrats Uni mom and pop. Welcome Ella.
another baby unicyclist to join Ed, Jack and Rhiannon in the spring 06 unibaby rosta.
For Ella’s mom- I did ride I was pg, not much after month 4 tho. Last short ride was in Jan, boy born in March. I just started riding again yesterday. Its was pretty hard to start with, but once I got back into the swing after a few hundred yards it was Ok. I only rode about half a mile total yesterday tho and I felt it across the abs. Before Ed came along I was a long distance rider and uni hockey player.


Babies aren’t fun, but sex is. As you know from experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know?

you need to save this thread and print it out or something so she can see this when shes all grown up!

congrats! and good luck!


She is such a cute baby!!!

I bet you and your wife are very happy to have another child, I really like the name choice too.

Now to build her a 10inch unicycle so she can have her first revolution instead of her first steps. =p

Mazeltov! Oh, yeah - babies are too fun! Sex is fine, but babies last longer!

wow, coincidence or what, no joke my birthday is 8th june, and my middle name is joy. and congrats on her birth and your grandmothers 100th, what a milestone.


Re: Baby (Future Unicyclist) Announcement

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 14:00:45 -0500, podzol wrote:

>Seriously, I think Bear benefitted from lots of hugs, good music, and
>having peer reviewed jounal articles read to him with gerat expression.

That’s an interesting statement. Maybe I should heed the :smiley: more,
but… what kind of journal articles were those? On soil science? Did
Bear absorb that well? I laugh out loud when I envisage you reading
scientific papers to a child “with great expression”!

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