B*ke to Work Day 2007

A lot of cities are participating in B*ke to Work Day this Friday, May 18, 2007.

Any Unicycle to Work participants? I think I’ll do the big three mile trek, there’s a Commute Station on the way with free stuff and I need a new water bottle.

Well if school counts as work count me in. Uni club is on Fridays and so I need to uni there. Otherwise I dont have work on Fridays… sorry

I don’t start work til monday…and I’m working at my house anyway, so that wouldn’t be much fun.

You have a uniclub at school? That’s sweet!

Yeah its pretty cool. We usually end up doing a lot of just talking though but its really fun. Usually.

I wish my school had a uni club. I can think of almost 10 people that would join.

So you guys go on rides every friday or do you just meet or what?

This week is ‘bike to work week’ at my job. (I work at a Patagonia outlet) I usually ride to work every day on my road bike, but I decided to do something different for this week so instead i’ve been riding my Muni. It’s not too big of a deal since I live quite close by, but it’s a nice change of pace and it’s been kind of fun. In general I think bicycle commuting is a great thing; it offers a chance to decompress after working and if the weather’s nice it provides a great opportunity to enjoy it.

Hrmmm… I have a 30+ mile commute… mostly on freeway… Not sure I could do that on my 24" muni… and if I did, I’d have to go home…

I guess I will have to stick to my 45 minute ride at lunch…


U know, with 10 people, you could probably get a club started with your school’s permission.

If I could gather enough kids on campus here to start a club, the student association would fund the club! That would mean I could buy some unicycles for people to learn on. I just need to get around to finding enough people.

but its too hilly for me to uni.
i’m gonna ride my single speed.

Me and my friend tried starting one. We had like 100 signatures and a teacher to support it. but the school or the district said it was “dangerous and they don’t have insurance for it”.
even though they can play football and any other sport.

Every day

I usually ride every day…from the bus stop to my office and back. Someone told me “Cycle to Work Day” was yesterday…if freebies are involved I’ll definitely ride on Friday.


Sweet I’m down for it, its a 20 km commute but it will be worth it.

i already bike to work pretty much every day, 12 miles or so each way. friday i think is the “official day” in this the “official” week, but anyway, there’s going to be free breakfast and stuff 3 blocks from my apartment, so i’ll go grab that then ride to work.

This week has been designated “Bike to Work Week” here in Santa Cruz County. There’s free breakfast tomorrow morning. Altho, since I usually do the “roll out of bed” (tele)commute, I don’t know if I’ll be up to getting dressed just to go out for breakfast. :wink:

Ride in your PJs :smiley: :smiley:

We meet after school with our unis and ride. We sometimes stay at school but we sometimes go to a college with cool stuff. If we get kicked out of one we go to the other. Its usually pretty fun. Unless we get in trouble with the police and then it just sucks.

Me too. Not even on my N36, at least not to get in for 9 am.

We’ve had our local cycling organization, Chico Velo, sponsor the Bike to Work week events. Each morning in our downtown plaza, they offer coffee, tea, fruit, and other goodies to commuters, as well as services like engraving license numbers on bike frames. Plus, they hand out “I Biked” stickers that are supported by lots of downtown businesses (10% off at my favorite LBS, 25% off at lots of restaurants, etc.). I rode my 29er on Tuesday, and had a spectacular blowout halfway home and ended up walking a couple miles. But it was fun to uni to work.

Unfortunately I’d currently get fined £50 for riding to ‘work’, maybe I’ll go for a quick spin around the city instead.

For any particular reason?