AZ Muni Weekend

Hi Y’all

Thought I would post a bit on our first AZ muni weekend.

Saturday - about 15 riders riders from AZ, CA, CO, and MN! 1 wheel tacoed, and only a little bit of blood. Quote “I’ed give my left arm for a good right arm” : Tom Holub

Sunday - about 12 riders, super long & blood on the face Quotes- “wow” : Beau Hoover “It was like Raspberry pie” - Heather Noone

Tonight it’s Bear O’clock

Looks like the weather was great and you’re group had a blast, and I wish I could have benn there with you all! I hope at least one person got some choice video footage that we will be seeing soon! :smiley:

yes it was great fun! but the uphill killed me. i am not used to muni.
i am the one in the top right corner with the green uni :slight_smile:

when will be be seeing all of the pictures?


Yes, it was an absolute BLAST! Thanks to everyone that made it happen!! The trails were great and the weather was superb. Met some new friends and got to see some old ones. Hope to be back next year as it was well worth the drive. I’ll try and post some pics here as soon as I get some rest. The full 2 days of MUni killed me as I can barely walk…yes the trails were that good (and I’m a bit outta shape). The dinner was also a hightlight! Heck everything was…

I’ll ride there one day.

show some more pics.

It was really a great time. I’ll get my photos posted in the next day or two.


Great time on the South Mountain trails. To short of a visit for me, but it was awesome to see all of you. This pic is on Kiwanis Trail, on our way up to the top.

and for all you non desert people, the landscape usually isn’t that green :slight_smile:

Some seriously fun trails around Phoenix. Too bad Phoenix is in the middle of them.

I was able to ride most of it with a relative minimum of arm-related wimping out. We had totally reasonable weather, and good groups on the trail. Thanks for organizing it!

My photos are at (Chris, you might want to create a Flickr group). Highlights:

Chris dropping:

Mark and saguaro:

Three riders on the trail:

I’m definitely going to South Mtn soon, and before it gets too hot! Just looks to interesting to pass up, and at 5.5 hours drive time, it’s about as far as I can stand to drive for a fun new trail; which means Moab and probably also cmw is out for good. :frowning:

My nephew Kai and I rode up Kiwanis, to National, to the rock house, then back National to where everyone else started. Then we chased them down to say hi and ride a little with them.
Then we had to head back down, National to Holbert, ( :astonished: ) to the parking lot at the bottom. It was a great loop for us, with a nice climb to the top to start the morning.
My daughters team was playing in a U 19 hockey tournament in North Scottsdale all weekend, so unfortunatley I was limited in Muni’ing.

The South Mountain ride was awesome. Here are the stats from our ride.

15 miles ridden
3,800’ climbing
3 1/2 hours riding time
4.1 mph average moving time
143 BPM average heart rate

This pic is of Kai on the National trail, adjacent to Towers. There was some sweeeeeet singletrak for sure :smiley:

Az. MUni fest vs. daughters championship ???

Daughters championship!!! They won it all, so the weekend was a complete success, a little MUni fest and the championship!

wich arena was the tournement at?

all tel ice den - just off the 101 on bell rd.

AZ Muni Weekend

Thanks Y’all,

It was GREAT to have you all here & glad to hear you loved the trails. My highlight was seeing Jamie BOMB - down Goat Camp. He just drank a red bull then FLEW down a very technical trail.

More pics, Beau and Jamie doing a VERY technical line (Jamie’s pic shows the steepness) then Beau, Riley, Tom, etc

BTW - some things were left…

1 set of leg armor (Max?)
1 cell phone head set (Nathan?)

Here are some more pics

Hi Chris - yes that is Grace’s cell phone head set. That must’ve been what Heather asked for our address for! THANKS!

I will work on my photos tonight and post the link here. Are those ones you posted from my collection or someone elses? I think mine?


Whoever took that picture (I remember Nathan standing up high on a rock) of me riding that line, thanks as it’s an awesome picture. Love how it looks and you can almost tell how steep it is. Looking forward to more pics…I have to get mine up now.

Yes Jamey, that had to have been mine. Here is my gallery so far. Somehow I didn’t post that one…will check tonight at home and add it.

127 shots with a few more to come. Beau has my other camera in MN for Mondo this weekend. When he gets home I’ll have a few more shots and a video or two to add.


I added a few more shots and some videos to

No Muni on the videos unfortunately, just flatland and electric skateboarding: