Axle help.

After a month of riding my entry level unicycle (Sun 20") it broke. I jumped off of something and the axle broke right where the crank fits on it. There was the end of the crank stuck in my crank after it came off. What should I do? If I get another hub what should I get for trials that is still pretty cheap?

I wouldn’t waste my money reparing a Sun…buy a Torker instead.

I really need some help on what to do. Please reply.

Unless you or someone you know is a wheel builder, there is no good way to fix that wheel. None that I know at least. The best hub to get would be the Suz or hub. Getting a splined job would be close to pointless for a Sun. Now, the hub may only cost $20 or so, but you will need a new set of spokes. At my LBS that would set you back another $15. Throw in the $30 to have them lace and build the wheelset and you might as well have bought another unicycle.

If you are serious about trials, look into getting a unicycle with a splined hub/cranks. If you can’t afford one, or you don’t think you will be doing and large hops/drops, look at the Nimbus or Torker.

Hope that helps,

Assuming you want to as cheap as possible and not have to buy a new (stronger) unicycle, replacing the hub is probably an option.

You CAN use the same spokes as long as the hub is the same or very similar in it’s dimensions as the original. If the hub is much different, you will need new spokes. I would call and ask them for their advice on finding out if there is a hub available that is similar enough to the one on your SUN.

I used the same spokes when replacing my Suzue with a hub (I had to use a 4-cross instead of 3-cross lacing pattern).

If you have lots of time and patience, building your own wheel is rewarding. This site is what I used to learn how to do it.

Good Luck!