awsome pedals

in universe 2, dan doerksen has awsme pedals that are plastic on one side, and studded on the other. this must be really good for grinding. Any one know how to make them? (I highly doubt anyone sells them)


The pedals are not pinned on one side and plastic on the other. What dan has are grind plates you can attach on the bottom of most platform pedals. You can buy some at
From there, go to bike parts, then to pedals, then you will see them. They are called Kommando pedal grind plates.


Dan Heaton and some other riders have welded grind plates on their grind pedal. But you don’t have to go to that much trouble. You can buy bolt on grind plates for BMX pedals.

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Dan’s Competition and Albe’s BMX both sell pedal grind plates. The ones at Dan’s Comp are plastic and the ones at Albe’s are metal. The grind plates are designed to fit on specific brands of pedals so you’d need a compatible pedal to use them. A local bike shop that specializes in BMX bikes may also have grind plates.

thanx alot guys

and YES you can buy the pedals as such