awsome north shore ride

Well today i whent on a north shore ride and it rocked. I was on seymoure (one of our mountains) and hit some crazy trails. And now I want to tell you which ones you should ride if you ever come up. so if you go there you should try Team pandora and boogey-man and if you come in the spring make sure you go to the top and ride the CBC trail which is my favourite, do to the crazy amounts of ladders.

i think everyone should be abe to ride the north-shore atleast once, either that or we have a muni fest up there:D


I wish so bad i lived there. Altough i did build 2 new features in DK’s backyard North shore wannabe park- A ladder that goes up, horizontal, then you ride out on a teeer that is falt, then goes down. My other is a cool 4’ drop that has a steep transition into a berm. Tomorrow i start work on the rollercoaster of doom. so far i have about 6 manmade features- :frowning: not enough. I havent done either of those 2 on my muni, but ill try tomorrow.


I should make sure I go up to Vancouver for at least one weekend this summer. :smiley:

I should make sure to go unicycling somewhere besides my home town at least one weekend in my life. still haven’t done that, and still can’t figure out any plans to…

Hey John, when you come see if you can drag Irene and that Harper guy along too… :stuck_out_tongue:


Those trails are a treat and the source of many fond injuries of mine. Irene will go on the Alps ride this summer and then stay in France where she will attend school next year. JC and I will probably drive up for a ride sometime in the summer. Maybe we’ll bring a whole crew so we outnumber you disorganized Vancouverites. Like that would be hard to do.

Harper, be scared, we are getting more organized by the week…you should have seen the uni yard sale a few weeks ago, so organized, it would have stuck fear in your heart! :wink: LOL

I’m quaking in fear. Oh…it’s gone now.