awesomovie from the east coast

I spent a day or so filming
Ben Plotkin-Swing and Joey Cohn at our school in Massachusetts. Then I spent a few days trying to get the video onto my computer. then I spent antother few days trying to get the crappy editing software to work. then I made a movie so great and awesome that it made Universe shiver in its booties. but then my computer crashed… So I made this:


Its a minute long, and is a really really big file. 9.74 MB. it used to be 20 mb but I used the crud-tastic editing program to compress it.
woo haa.

How big was that gap?!

Good stuff.

Phil, just me

Cool video, Dan. These guys are incredibly talented. I remember watching Ben at UNICON. It was a treat to see Kris Holm doing impossible stuff on the trails but even more so to see Ben, Casey Drummond, Max Dingemans, and Dylan Wallinger. They’re all like 16 to 18 years old and progressing so fast.

It was 6’ 5", if I remember correctly. We changed it several times, and I’m not sure which one was in the video. We had that gap set up as a simulation of a gap from one huge rock to another more skinny rock, about eight feet in the air. I’m going to practice a bit more before I trying the real thing, though.

Thanks for the positive comments. I also want to thank Dan, who did all of the real work to get this together. We’re hoping to do some more stuff, but we’re sort of limited by our equipment.


Sweeet vid.

A KH Trials Uni is limiting you? Dang you must be good, but my comp is too crappy and it wont download the vid.
Keep making vids, and one day i will see them

Or is it the camera you are talking about thats limiting you?
Im on a different comp now, sweet vid. The gap is awesome, and so is the last shot before the end.

Yes, I meant the video equipment.:slight_smile: My unicycle is doing fine, although its a Nimbus II, not a KH.


Re: awesomovie from the east coast

That IS a great little movie, and I loved the music.

David Stone

Great stuff, when’s the DVD?

Sweet vid, keep them coming. I’ll keep watching.


Nice work, Guys! You’re doing us East Coasters proud!

Re: awesomovie from the east coast

Sweet Vid Ben and Joey!