Awesome rider and his dog

So Turtle did such great job on the last video search I thought I would ask for help too.

I’m looking for a video of a guy riding a 29"er (?) through the woods. He’s very fast, great at jumping, and has his dog chasing after him.
I think there were a couple of wipeouts too.

Nothing important, just an awesome rider. I remember thinking that I can’t wait to get that good at riding.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Canoeheadted,

What you describe sounds familiar (the dog is black and white right?).

I was convinced his videos where in a video thread in the German section of the forum but a quick search did not yield the result I had in mind (it was a long running thread).

I will keep you posted if I finally find it.

I am sure by then somebody knowing him will have replied :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it (mine for sure and hopefully yours too) !

The user is AXXI and the forum thread where I found most of his videos posted is:

Worst case scenario: you will have another rider with his dog :smiley:

i made one too (but it‘s not really our dog, just dog sitting)

(if you look through my videos you will find more with the dog, or with our boys as babies, as young riders etc.)

Thanks guys, I finally found it this morning.
I’m not too sure why I couldn’t find it before.

Anyways, here you go…