Avoiding bruised thighs when seat-out-in-front

My new uni is great, I’ve been bouncing up all manner of things I couldn’t before. But tomorrow I will have large bruised bits on the inside of my thighs, from where the back of the seat pushes against it when holding the seat out in front.

I can’t say I noticed this being a problem with the miyata seat on the old uni; the new one has a viscount seat and it’s definitely wider, it’s harder to get the seat in front in the first place.

My new 661 armour doesn’t go up that far, so that doesn’t help (although it is nice - no more whacking of legs!)

Does everyone else have thighs of steel? Or just permanently bruised legs?

Phil, just me

Hi Phil, I’ve done a lot of seat out front hopping, drops, and pedal grabs with a Viscount. I think it leaves more bruises than the Miyata did, but I haven’t done much seat out with the Miyata. The nice thing with the Viscount though, the underside, where you grab the seat, is rounder and the foam wraps around there. I never really noticed how sharp the Miyata was, until I came back to it after using a Viscount all summer. I’ve since put some rubber tubing on the edge of the Miyata base to make it more comfortable.

Joe from Iowa

its kind of like when you learn to ride a unicycle and you get huge bruses inside your thighs, it goes away when your tequnique gets better. when your balance improoves you’ll be able to ride with little/no contact with the seat,
learn to do a toe jam and your ballance will improove seat out in front,
also if your bunnyhoping seat out then try putting your feet on the cranks.
thers a video of me doing a toe jam in between two unispins in the galleries, just search for “evilewan”.

Toe jam? What’s a toe jam?

<watches video>

Yeah right! :slight_smile:

No, I am a long way from being able to do that…

I’ll put the miyata back on. It’s a close thing, mind; the viscount is a lot easier to hold, although the two screws on the front handle occasionally catch the hand and can be quite painful. But I currently have a large red patch on my leg which makes my decision easier…

Phil, just me

Toe jam??? Is there a vid?? By the way I’m a nooob and starting to get the hang of it:)

Lol, you just resurrected a 10 year + old thread.

Looks like Phil’s last post was in early 2011. It would be pretty great if he replied with a link to that video.

Well, the gallery doesn’t appear to work, otherwise I’d post the link myself.