average learning time

I was just curious if there was a average time to learn to unicycle based on your age. Just curious. :slight_smile:

This thread has some info on this question.

Is this what you mean?

ya, thanks!

For me it was about 12 hours

It took me about 4.5 hours. I’m 34.
My son took about as much. He’s 8.

I used to practice quite a lot on a 26" unicycle but I gave it up after two weeks as I always needed the wall to support me. :frowning: It was 3 years ago.

Recently I bought a 20" one which I could learn to ride for 50 meters in about 2 hours. :slight_smile: (I’m 24)
I’m pretty much stuck at this level now because it’s been raining 24-7 for a week and I couldn’t practice. :(((((((((((

mayeb in all, yea, it may have taken me jsut a few hours, but it was over a few weeks that i learned.