Avenir MTB 20"

I’m currently riding a Nimbus 29er with a WTB Stout 29x2.4 tire and KH 150mm cranks. This is my only functioning uni and I absolutely love it!!!

I’m in the market for a 20" Uni that I can use at home (indoor and outdoor) to practice on. I’m not planning on doing any crazy jumping or anything destructive. I would like to learn to hop, ride backwards, idle better, etc…

I like unis with fat tires and I just found this on Amazon.com. Anybody have any experience with this uni?

I’d just get an LX because I’ve never heard anything about the uni you pictured, whereas the LX is a well renowned strong $100 cycle.

Considering that I don’t know much about the uni you pictured, I’d wait until you get a comment from someone who has something to say about it.

The Torker DX is in a different price range than I’m talking. I have an older LX that needs some work. The only complaint I have about them is the skinny tires.

Negative stuff about that uni you posted:

-Skinny rim (tire will fold over with low psi)
-bad hub/cranks (will bend/break)
-no handle on the seat (cant hold the seat for jumps)
-cheap pedals (no grip and you will slip and hurt yourself)

Good things about that uni:

-none :smiley:

If i were you, i would get a Nimbus trials. Bit more expensive, but will last you very long.

Go with the lx, the new frames are wide enough for at least a 2.5, some tires might have a height issue. They’re the strongest thing in the price range and the rim is fairly wide for a beginner uni. It should definitely hold up for what you want to do.

Looks like a generic cotterless trials uni. I got one similar to this as my first uni but I paid $160 for mine.

I have no idea if it is the same or not but the only visible difference I can see is it looks like it has a better (non el-cheap-o quick release) seat post clamp.

Mine had an alex DX 32 rim which is fairly decent, and a Luna tire. those were probably the only really decent parts on the unicycle. The hub has external threads for a nut instead of a bolt to hold the cranks on. This makes it easier to damage and is generally considered to be inferior design. It had a 22.2mm seatpost which was easily bent if you managed to drop it so the seatpost would land on that curb or stair that you are trying to learn to hop up. And probably the worst part of the uni was the seat. At least it was easy to swap it out for a new KH saddle.

I had another unicycle with a UDC square taper hub and this one seemed to wreck cranks slightly faster, not sure if it is from the hub/crank interface or just because I used them differently.

I now have the wheelset with the Luna shaved in a more freestyle/light street style uni that I built up from spare bits and pieces.

All and all I would not spend more than about $60 on this uni. I don’t regret getting one similar as my first uni but there are uni out there with much better components for cheaper. especially if you look at some of the freestyle unicycles available on UDC.

actually it does have a bumper on the front. it just doesnt stick out.

Sorry for doubting you Delta but are you sure?

I had a very similar unicycle and if the saddle is the same, and it looks the same, it has a medal base, fairly low density foam and a slip-over rubber cover that is molded to look like it has bumpers but does not.

we got those in last year and they seem pretty legit. The have a burly double walled rim which is nice. The tire seems Creepy Crawler-esque in size/style. The seat is pretty neato, looks like a standard saddle with a handle. Crappy cranks, crappy pedals, never cared for the frame.