Avenir DLX 24-inch

Hi all,

Not meant to be another beginner unicycle thread.

Just wondering if anyone has had personal experience with the Avenir DLX 24-inch ($79.99)

If you have, please share your views with me.

The customer reviews for the Avenir Deluxe 20-inch ($69.99) are very good.

My thinking is to spend $10 more for the extra 4 inches for higher speed despite more difficult learning. Any comments on this are appreciated.

The view I am subscribing to is “buy a cheap unicycle to learn on then get the one you want”. That makes sense to me and is realistic given my finances. Others say “only buy from unicycle.com” or “get a Nimbus II to start–don’t settle for cheaper.” Now-experienced riders please share your thoughts.

Thank you and long live unicyclist.com

Made this account just so I could reply to this haha.

I’m currently learning on this exact uni (24 inch). The one I got has been serving its purpose well so far. Definitely go for it, I wouldn’t spend that much money on your first one because, at least in my experience, it’s going to get badly beat up from learning. Mine is very scratched up on the seat ends and pedals from falling so much haha.

24 inch definitely seems like a good versatile size for starting out imo. It’s not too slow and not too big.

Thanks, thisalone!

I’ve heard of using duct-tape to protect your first unicycle from falls.

Do you mind sharing your height/in-seam, weight, and how long you have had the Avenir DLX 24"?

No problem. Not sure of my exact inseam and weight since I haven’t checked in a while, but it’s probably about 30 inches and 135 lbs.

Your unicycle will get beat up no matter what you do. You can wrap it in bubble wrap if you want, but its then going to look like a uni covered in bubble wrap. Also, when duct tape ages, the adhesive gets pretty nasty. Have fun getting that all off your uni down the road.

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I’m honored you created an account to answer my OP. Thanks!

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I bought the Avenir 20 in and after 2 weeks the left crank kept falling off. I had to permently have it locked on to the post. Mine definitely had quality control problems.

Glad I could help:D

I haven’t had any crank arm fall off yet, hopefully I don’t…

That reminds me, does anyone know how long the cranks are on this uni? I can’t find any specs and I don’t got anything to measure them with.

I think you must give it a chance for figure it out because its really deserve it !

Guys give more suggestions we are waiting for you.

Hi All

I’m new to the forum and uni-cycling. I would like to know which unicycle would be best for a beginner, or does it not really matter?

And also any tips to getting started would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Howdy :slight_smile:

Here’s some reading material to get you started:



There are lots of how-to guides on youtube as well. The main thing is steady practice. Reading and posting here helps keep you motivated as well.

Avenir Deluxe Unicycle

I just recently bought this Avenir Deluxe 24" unicycle, it has been great so far except that a few days after I bought it the wheel started slipping on the pavement.
Does anybody know why that might be?

Curious as I’ve read multiple opinions on this uni… How is the Avenir Trials uni (refusing to call it the mountain bike unicycle). I’ve seen one on Craigslist and one at my LBS now.

Sorry to double post. Here’s a link to the uni I was referring to:

Also seen on Amazon.com with a whole lot less detail about it. Doing some digging around here, it was assumed that it was a generic uni due to the very vague description. On the link I posted, it apparently features this:
-Alex DM32 Double walled rim
-Sealed bearings
-Luna 20x2.5 Tire
-Cotterless Cranks (how good/not good is another story)
-Double bolt seatclamp
-Flat top crown

I wish there were some info on the hub as the hub/cranks/rim seem to be the most critical part of the uni, along with a comfy seat. Has anyone ridden/tried one of these? Would it make a good lightweight trials uni, as well as taking on freestyle and flatland stuff?