Avenir 20" Mountain Unicycle

Is this a decent unicycle? I want to start cycling…

Most people get a 24" diameter wheel with a 3" tire, or 26" diameter wheel for technical Muni. You can also get a 29" wheel for less technical trails and longer distances.

That 20" unicycle will be very slow on the trails and it won’t have as much momentum as a larger wheel needed to overcome obstacles such as roots and rocks, and won’t absorb shocks as well as a uni with a larger volume tire.

You can do Muni on a 20" but as a beginner you will be falling a lot and it probably won’t be much fun, at least not for long distances.

Go to unicycle.com and look at their 24" or 26" off-road Unis; they have a much better selection than amazon.

IIf you’re just getting into unicycling and not necessarily looking for a Muni, so you can ignore these comments, sorry. But still I’d recommend looking at unicycle.com

i apologize for such a late reply. It looks a lot like the nimbus 19" trials uni just with lesser cranks. If its strictly for muni-ing id go with a 24" at least. if you want to get it for some muni and some trials/stree and your a beginner it be perfect.

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