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Automate your sports newsgroup searching!

News Rover is the ideal tool for searching through Usenet sports newsgroups for
information about your favorite teams, players, coaches and owners. Once you
tell it what to look for, News Rover will scan a set of newsgroups and collect
all messages that contain what you are searching for. For example, if you are
interested in the Chicago Bulls but are tired of reading about Dennis Rodman,
you can use the following search expression:

Chicago Bulls and not Rodman

Or if you’re a Notre Dame fan and are interested in discussion about their
post-season chances, you could search for:

(Notre Dame or Irish) and (bowl or post-season)

News Rover will then scan a set of newsgroups you select and collect any
messages that match the search expression. This searching is completely
automatic, so it works while you sleep, work, or play. The search expressions
can be as simple as a single word, or they can be complex expressions with AND,
OR, NEAR, and NOT operators.

You can download a free demonstration copy of News Rover from:

But News Rover is good for more than just sports newsgroups. You can use it to
search for collectables in forsale newsgroups, or for any other type of
information in any newsgroups you choose. And News Rover is ideal for picture
newsgroups. It decodes both UUencoded and MIME base64 images, and it combines
and reconstructs binary files that are split into multiple messages.

Here are some of the key features of News Rover:

o Scans newsgroups you specify while you sleep, work, and play.

 o Automatically downloads messages and attached files so that they are
    available for instant access when you are ready to review them.

o Decodes attached files of all types (UUencoded and MIME base64).

o Displays a picture gallery of collected thumbnail size images.

o Allows you to post Usenet messages and send e-mail messages.

o Selects messages based on include and/or exclude criteria to help you find
a needle in a haystack and eliminate spam. You can even use complex selection
expressions with AND, OR, NEAR and NOT.

  o Supports multiple "interest groups," each with sets of newsgroups,
     selection expressions, message database, and picture gallery.

o Remembers files already extracted and eliminates duplicates automatically.

o Saves parts of multi-part files, searches for the missing parts, and
rebuilds the entire file when the last part arrives. It even combines parts
found on different days and in different newsgroups.

o Allows you to block all future messages from specified senders.

o Operates on a schedule you set up to use your phone line only when you
don’t need it.

o Automatically dials the provider and hangs up the phone when it is

o Works with almost all Internet providers and news servers.

    o News Rover is multi-threaded so you can read messages and view
         pictures while it downloads and decodes more messages.

News Rover was designed and written by real-life Usnet newsgroup junkies! With
News Rover the news is ready when you are!

To learn more and download your free demonstration copy, visit:

                  <a href=""></a>

News Rover is getting rave reviews…

D.G. says: I downloaded News Rover last night… I ordered this morning. I don’t
know how much time I saved. I give your product two thumbs up!!!

D.H. says: "Great Job!!! I tried your software for the first time today, and it
beats Plukit-32 hands down!!

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