Australia 20" trials unicycle

WANTED 20" trails unicyle
under $200 in Australia:) if it is in queensland it would be better

there arnt any trials uni’s under $200 but this might b ur best bet as a trials uni under $200 would b very hard to find

i agree with isaac, your best bet is to save up a little bit more and buy a quality unicycle straight up.

saves you having to spend money upgrading your unicycle over time.

plus you will have an awesome new unicycle.

Theres a few good trials unicycles for $400 here:slight_smile:

At a few of my LBS’s they have standard 20" unicycles with 20 x 2.5" tyres for $200 but as…

Izach Issach Isac Issac Isaac Isaach Izzach Izac
(did i get it right umm… Isaac?)

and andrew said, you may as well just get a quality unicycle because a cheap unicycle won’t last long and it won’t be ISIS (International Splined Interface Standard)

dw i can tell spelling isnt one of ur strong points (unisykolist) :stuck_out_tongue: