aussie boys at it again?

pretty cool video, anyone seen this?


nice video, rely rely nice video

Cool movie
I want to download it, so Gilby please fix the download link:p
Thanks for sharing Justin.

Peter M

Its from NZ not Aus

That a New Zealand movie not an Aussi Movie. I knew that would happen when pete marchent made it… Ok, so it has some riding from the Aussi blokes in it. But it was filmed by a Kiwi and has Pete VB and Joe (our two sponsored NZ riders) in it.

thats the link to download it


Gilby please fix the download link


i really really enjoyrd that video!

thanks justin!!

Riley C.

Wow, thanks for posting that, otherwise I would have never even seen it! Why do people make good videos like that and not post them…?

That 10 stair looks huge.

That one guys bail on that curvey stairset was pretty gnarly.

There is already a small thread about this in the “Requests, Questions, and Bugs on this site” forum. If you want to be sure gilby sees your plea (and other such pleas), put them there. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read every single RSU post. (I know I don’t.) The thread also contains a workaround to download movies in the meantime.

the thread:

the forum:

Intense riding.

Really liked near the beginning following down the trails fast. It was cool seeing all air time.

Was this a trailer or what. Cause a lot of the footage was old. If it’s a video for intertainment dont’ use old film. The 10 was decent.

that video was utter madness. pretty crazy stuff going on over on the other side of planet. just out of curiousity, is it possible to grind a curvy ledge like the guy was trying to do? or did he know he was gonna take one of the sickest biffs ever?

nicely done kiwis. Filming and editing where much much more than i have come to expext from internet vids, and the riding wasn’t bad either:) .

Shaun, who cares if footage is old? and why can’t someone put a chill little vid together without it being a “trailer”.

right click? maybe…

try this too

he said that because they used the “old film” effect

but who cares if they used it? theres no rule that says it has to be a trailer to use it

p.s. isnt the evolution coming justin?:slight_smile:

THIS one’s good too, but VERY blurry!

Yeah, Joe and Pete VB are great… We have been discussing this video on the NZUni forums and Joe said he’d upload a better version later.

And to all the “haters” out there who don’t like something about a video make sure its constructive critisism. Shaun is it?.. The “earthbound” video is not a trailer…

Thats because the filming and editing was done by the one and only Pete M (Pete66) who is an awesome filmographer (is that the right word) and all the smooth muni shooting is done with a very nice glide cam. Pete makes wicked vids but unfortunatly not as often as one would like (because of the high caliber videoness)

That is a sweet video! JBT aswell…What a bonus!

hehe yeah I snapped my crank off on it…then got it on Pete M’s uni.