Attn: Southeast MUni Fest May 4-6!!!

For those of you living on the east coast and particularly, the southeast there is an upcoming event you don’t want to miss. The first annual Southeast Munifest is being held in the mountains of western north carolina May 4-6. The event is being held in conjunction with the Mountain Sports Festival (a weekend of outdoor pursuits in Asheville,NC) and should prove to be a bundle of fun for uni riders and spectators alike. You can check out the website for the Muni event at where you can find registration info and general info on camping, the rides etc. Let your friends that ride with training wheels know about this event as well as the area the event is held is ripe with world class mountain cycling. Any questions can be answered through the website. We hope to see you there!!

Nice! I was lookin for this website everyday! Now its up! I heard you talk about this at Moab. Sounds like alot of fun. I still am not sure If I can make it. Im talkin it over with my dad. We want to go, but dont know if we can find the vacation time off after taking alot off for Moab. Ill see.

Do you know of anyone else whos going, or how many others will be there. Id think 10 people would be good for a first year!

ahhh! this makes me so angry i can’t make it. it sounds like its gonna be lots of fun.

well tell your friends, we want to share with other riders how great muni is in the mountains of the southeast. In fact, i am moving there in a few weeks, partly because the riding is so great and abundant. Hope to see lots of riders there.

Are there no muni riders in the southeast? Come on, UDC is in Georgia, and if you have ever heard of mountain bikes then Tsali, Pisgah, and Bentcreek are classics. We really want to see this take off in the southeast. Spread the word!!

I know a few of us from Virginia are going to head down and check it out. I’m just waiting to see how things materialize, i.e. a ride…

I may try and make it. I probably won’t be able to commit till a week or 2 beforehand. If I go I can probably supply a ride to some other Virginians.

I really wanted to attend but word of this festival came out a bit too late i.e. Myself and another mountain unicyclist are already committed to mountain unicycling the Dirty Spokes Production, 12 Hours of Fort Yargo race during the same weekend! :frowning: I hope things go well, I’m definitely in for next year!

yeah, next year I will have a much better chance of making it!

Do you guys need any trials obstacles for the demo? I’ve got several mac truck tires, a large adjustable sandwich board, and some foot-high 4X4 posts, among other things. If I bring them I’d prefer to leave them there.

I’ll probably be coming in time for the Friday afternoon ride and stay until the trials demo.

Trials Obstacles

We could definitely use the obstacles; we are planning on making some and setting them up Thursday night; so if you got here Friday we could set them up Saturday with the rest of the stuff. If it’s not much trouble for you to bring them please do; otherwise we can improvise with stuff here.

My son and I are planning to attend. I can also bring some stunts including teeter totters and a skinny.

i would really like to go too, but im taking the SAT on may 5th. i know a few others who might be interested, though.


I’m not sure if I can go yet but I’ll see, looks like a lot of fun.

So, logistically, Frank, PDC, Steve?, when are you all planning to leave for the event? I don’t know what everyone’s bringing, but Frank if you need extra room to carry camp gear along with the trials junk you’re bringing, Leah and I

So, logistically, Frank, PDC, Steve?, Virginians, when are you all planning to leave for the event? I don’t know what everyone’s bringing, but Frank if you need extra room to carry camp gear along with the trials junk you’re bringing, Leah and I might be able to fit some extra gear into the car, but she may or may not be taking a final on that Friday so it’s not clear when we’ll be leaving yet.

Ok, Wendy and I will definitely be attending. We’ll probably be leaving early Friday to make it down there in time for the Friday afternoon ride. I think we’ll have plenty of room in the truck. Last I heard PDC said he couldn’t make it.

adammasters - We’re planning on camping at Lake Powhatan. Do I have to make any reservations or are you handling all that? Also, should I mail in my registration form or can I bring it with me?

As far as trials junk, I’ll be bringing two large truck tires, a large adjustable sandwich board, and a pair of 2X4 beams. Again, I’d prefer to just leave them there (anyone is free to take them home).

Can’t wait!

Last Call

:smiley: bump:D

We’re still coming down Friday, but probably not in time for the afternoon ride. I guess we’ll just head to Lake Powhatan and play it by ear.

Same here; we’re shooting for the late afternoon early evening. Hopefully it’ll be dry…