attn Harper: Air Viscount


As requested, here is a pic of the Viscount air seat conversion. It might need a bit more foam carved away in the middle of the sadle. It currently has a 20" tube, but I think it would be better served by an 18".

The cover patern could use some work- vinal is not the most forgiving material. I might bolt (not screw) the bumpers back on.


Christopher LeFay


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-Christopher :o


Thanks for the photo. I see you got the camera going. I get the general idea. It looks as though you have hacked away ALL of the foam if I’m looking at the first picture correctly. Can you give me a comparison between the maximum tolerable amount of time spent in the saddle before and after the conversion? Did you use the cover from the Viscount seat or make your own vinyl cover?


It seems that the Viscount seat cover is used as a form for the foam before it is set- they are welded into a single mass; the cover is destroyed when it and the foam is removed. The new cover is vinal- not my first choice, but it is cheep and readly available.

As to comfort, I have been sick or it has been raining since the conversion, so I’v only done a couple of miles on it. However, it feels increadibly different from the brick! My only complaint (aside from the lack of grabing surface) was that it seemed too big at first- I had been using a 24" tube. With the 20" tube, and socks pulled over ether end of the seat (beneath the cover) to pre-compress the ends, the shape is much better. I’ll see what I can do about puting 20 miles on it this week end, and report back.

I think cover should have been made in 3 pieces - 2 sides and a top that wraped from front bottom to back bottom- would have lent much more shape and been stronger where the most stress is on the vinal and gromettes.