ATTN: A T 7 handle users.

Alright, I am done after this one.


What seat post do you have that will work for the 22.2 mm coker tube AND will fit with the handle itself.

Thank you.


I still believe the primo will work. You could email Roger at UDC UK.

If people have been using the KH adapter / Primo post combo, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with a T7 handle as well. I just switched from the KH to T7 on my 25.4 Thomson post and they fit the same.

I think it said in the latest UNI magazine that it has an adjustable thing so it can fit on any seatpost’s but I’m not sure.

You just need a 22.2 rail type seat post. The hanldle fits all railtype seat posts. If you get an adjustable 22.2 seat rail type seat post, then you can adjust the handle/seats’ centering and cant.

I have a Pashley 25 mm seat post and went to the local bike shop and ordered one from them. Then I used a pipe cutter to adjust the length of the post.

The seat you put on the T-7 will have to be a 4 bolt one, like all of the KH seats.

You’ll love the handle!!

along with the primo seat post… will i need this?


no, the T7 handle already has its own rails - if you look at the bottom picture you will see



The T7 replaces the KH rail adaptor.

so all you need is the at7 handle, the primo seatpost and a standard 4-bolt seat?


could you use a kh rail type seat post?

You can use a KH rail rail type seat post, but not a KH rail seat post. The KH ones only come in 25.4 or 27.2mm.


I had trouble with the primo. There’s a pic here. I ended up grinding out the guts of it.

You could plunk down the cash for the Nimbus frame, it’s only $120. Of course, then you will need a wide hub. 22.2 seat posts suck. I’ve broken 3 of them on my coker.