Attention All Sydney Siders.

this coming saturday the 23rd of August, i am hoping to organize a big ride through sydney city. basic plan is meet at martin place 10:30ish. we will
work our way from there and leave when you need to.

reply if your interested.

ALRIGHT!!! first comment!!! (i have never done that before)

hey, my name is nick. im extremely interested…but i doubt i will be able to go due to my studies. However, i will mention this to one of my mate’s mate who also unis. i hope he can make it. sounds like great fun though…

Hey dude, you have 69 posts. LOL.

Was a good meet up. Tried some things I haven’t done before.

Its good to ride with people with more skills. Forces me to up my game and to work on my street stuff.

Would you say, that it also builds your self confidence and motivation to see others who unicycle my friend???

I think it does give some confidence. When you see someone that does it you tend to think “hey maybe i can do that”.

And you are right, there is that motivation to lift one’s own game.

I’m working on breaking down my mental barriers at the moment though.

I keep finding these barriers where my brain goes " no, you cant do that" which causes me to bail half way through. The good thing though is once I get past that, I’ll always know I can do it.

I’d really like to know how everyone gets past those barriers. For me it was imagining doing the technique over and over, focusing on the challenge not on the outcome. Because the outcomes were " I cant make it", “i’ll get hurt”…etc… a lot of negativity.

I’m just curious, is this meant to be funny?

I might be able to come. and bring my uni troop.
Dan and Matt coming?

you are aware the 23rd of august was 9 days ago??

and there was a ride on saturday the 30th
when me dan and matty met up with geoff and
been to see some new riders.
turned out okay.


if any sydney riders are interested in meeting up with me
dan and matty just give one of us a buzz if you have our numbers
or shoot us a pm. (Y)