Attension all Aussies (and possibly New Zealanders)...

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but the Gap Bike Shop is planning on having 10 frames made up. There will (hopefully) be 5 trials frames based around a 20" x 2.5" tyre size (naturally) and 5 muni frames based around a 24" x 3" tyre both with ample clearance. They will most likely resemble the Onza style in a few ways with machined bearing holders.

The reason for this is the fact that people in Australia and around here should be able to get pretty much anything except a frame from Australian distributors. If people make requests for them, we’ll also be able to put together a unicycle with a Profile hub and cranks, Alex DX-32 rim, Gazz 3" tyre, Miyata saddle, and probably Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals. This is just a very rough estimate but it could be around the $1500 mark.

We’ll hopefully have one of these unicycles made up before UniNats this year in October. I’ll be there with it to show it off and give you the chance to see it in the flesh and Gary (one of the owners of the shop) might come along as well.

(I’ll have my 20" modified into a freestyle uni, my massive beast of a muni, hopefully my seated hand-driven uni, the bike shop’s Onza (I think), a coaster uni made from spare parts, and one of these new unicycles I’ve been talking about…hopefully. It’s all very exciting :p)

Once again, I must stress that none of this is confirmed. I’m just letting you know of the very likely possibilities. I’ll keep you posted with any more details.


I’d obviously be interested in the 24" muni…but we’ll see how I go with the KH24…
Where are the uninats this year?
And I’m wondering if there is an australian muni club - I know about the AUS and I’m sure there are lots of muni riders there…it would be good to get a contingent of riders together to ride for mtb events like polaris and the sore butt league of events…

I’m pretty sure a muni specific club doesn’t exist yet. It sounds like a good idea to me. UniNats will be in Canberra again this year. I know I’ve probably asked you this before but I’ve forgotten…are you planning on going?

When did you say you were hoping to get the KH24? If you’d like I could get some more specific details for you about when it’ll be available and so on.


I may be going to uninats, its really just a transport problem and if its in my holidays or not.
I’d love to be there, but we will have to see.

As for my KH24, I’m waiting on to giv me the final shipping/tax/cost details on it. Once that comes through (and assuming its in my budget) I’ll place the order and wire transfer the money through, whatever that means :).
Hopefully I can get it here in a few weeks … I’m missing uni!
I can ride my 20" around for about ten minutes before the crank goes loose and I have to tighten it again. Im thinking about permantly welding it on but we will see. But if I hop too much it loosens up straight away … so I need the KH24 asap!

But back to topic, we should definatly work on setting up an australian muni club. Even if we only meet up a few times each year for different mtb events, it would still be a great thing.

I suppose the first step is to scout out interest in such a group … possiable online but moreso at uninats.


That’ll be great when you get the KH24. I’ll look forward to seeing it if you come to the 24hr with us.


Andrew! I’m Interested in the uni but haven’t got the money. I’ll See what I’m Doing in October but Might Be Busy With The Club I’m Running at the Moment. The Newcastle Lake Macquarie Unicycle Club is nearing in progress and very keen on this. In case you didn’t know And Samuel too, The Australian Unicycle Club is Suspended 'til February 2004 due to some breakdown in technical difficulties. Shame Mate. Anyway. I’ll keep you Posted with your info. Stayed Tune!

I really liked Gabe’s muni frame - maybe you could build something similar?
I’m in the final stages of ordering the KH24, so I’ll have to come up to brissy for a ride to show it off when it arrives :slight_smile:
Any idea how many of them there are in australia?

There are several KH24s for sale in Canberra. Also some Profile unicycles with the Profile hub and a 26x2.8 tyre. If I were in your situation, Samuel I’d contact Chris Vevers of the Oz Unicycle Society and see if you can get one cheaper thru him. Postage has got to be less! Email Chris Vevers

Thanks Tony, I just emailed Chris and am waiting for the reply :).
If he can get me one I’ll buy it off him rather than, mainly because it will get to me quicker :wink:

Thank for the news David.


We’re pretty set on just making this style of uni frame. I’m sure if you wanted, the guy who did Gabe’s frame could make you one exactly the same. He’s probably stil got the drawings.

That’d be great if you could come for a ride some time.