Attempts at 36cm(ish) jump

Here is my first attempts at this height… Don’t have much of a place to unicycle so these stairs, and the gap of the first stair can be a hassle. If you all have any comments it would be much appreciated. Also I was hopping a lot cause I was kinda nervous for the first time :roll_eyes: . (and yes I did hurt myself)

I have been unicycling more than you, I have a KH 20" trials and I can just jump that high… (I don’t practice trials much though)
You also may want to learn with bigger prehops (even though I never did and I jump higher/longer static)
And If you get a unicycle meant for trials you will improve a lot… The first time I started to jump on my KH I could do everything I did before with ease.

Oh, and maybe try to find something around that high but with out the length of the stairs…

Haha when I first glanced at your thread, I thought it was about jumping with a 36er! :o (Btw, the video says 37cm) Anyway, nice job! Looks like you have good jumping ability, the landing sometimes is the hard part.

PS: (I know you know this, but Get SHIN GUARDS!:stuck_out_tongue:

try lowering your seat a bit. that will allow you to crouch more before the jump and also tuck your uni more during the jump.

not that i’d have much of an idea on tips, but its a pretty good video.

(me saying that when i’ve never made a video myself lol)

CHeers jase?

My seat post is a little long… what tools do you recommend to lop the end of this off? Also how much do you think would work like an inch or 2… more?