Attaching a handlebar to a bike saddle

Thanks for the great explanation @rogeratunicycledotcom !

While being on the saddles, I have another question :grin:
I have been riding a triathlon ISM saddle for the past months. It feels strange at the beginning but when you get used to it it becomes really amazing for long distances.

However, one of the drawbacks is that you can’t simply use a simple t-bar or an URSLI bar. You have to come with something by yourself - either a custom frame (:money_mouth_face:), either you find something to attach the t-bar to the frame or to the seat post.

Could there be any plan to develop some kind of adapter for using a t-bar on a bike saddle? Maybe something that we could bolt on the bike rails to attach the KH t-bar on it? Or something that would be attached to the seat post? If we can achieve such a project, then it would be much easier for people to give a try to bike saddles and find a better solution for themselves.


I would not attach anything to the bike rails since saddles are not designed to endure the forces unicyclists can put on their handles, and might bend.
I would personally create an adaptater between the standard 4 bolts saddle fixation and a standard bike saddle fixation. This adaptater should include the handle fixation. It could be wether a simple tube to insert the t-bar without the possibility to tune the handle incline, wether another system closer to the current t-bar fixation.

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Such a seatpost could be your solution, if the rails are long enough fo fit two seatposts:

Those things might also work:ütze-Schwarz-Stützen-Sicherung/dp/B08X4N8DRR
But even if the rails are long enough, I doubt that they’re strong enough to not get bend or broken by those extra forces from the handle, especially when you use a very long handle.

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A handlebar is quite easy on a Nightfox. It requires a little fabrication but the attachment to the frame works well. More details on this set up here.

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I know I have been sharing my solution in different forms in various threads so here we go again… with some possible suggestions for an even better “adapter”.

This “adapter” which can be sourced on aliexpress (search for “folding bike stem”) clamps a 25,4mm seatpost and has a 28,6mm (1 1/8") tube attached. And as can be seen on the pictures its not round but has an indent on one side.
Optimally it should rather clamp a 27,2mm seatpost using four instead of two screws, be perfectly round and the tube should extend slightly longer.
As seen below it mounts a regular bike stem (as it clamps 28,6mm) and then on the handlebar I use a 25,4mm to 22,2mm shim.

Another possible adapter could be designed very similar but with an internal diameter of 22.2mm and then a (seat post) clamp could be used to compress the tube to hold a KH T-bar. This would also make for a clean solution that is easily adjustable in length.


The simplest way to fix a handle bar on bicycle seat.
Only attach second underseat tube to a saddle. This tube will de directed forward.