attaching a bottle cage to uni


Is there a quick and dirty way of attaching a bottle cage to the seatpost of my unicycle?

I found commercial products to do it such as

Anybody know a easier way?

Hose clamps. :slight_smile:

Nylon cable ties



Don’t pay money for breakable stuff…

Colored hockey tape! It worked for me.

I like the hose clamp idea the best. I’ve used them to secure a bottle holder to the handle of my dad’s recumbent bike. They seem very strong. I used a section of old innertube between the cage and handle bar to prevent one from scratching the other.

hose clamps

hose clamps are a very good way of attaching a bottle cage.

I got one on my racer, the clamps are well strong as the first cage I put on broke with me dropping uni. So I got a stronger cage and it’s been fine ever since, it doesn’t even move.

As long as your seat isn’t totally low, you’ll be able to fit a cage on no bother. But get a good strong cage.

You can (just) see the clamps in this foto. I hope.

Hope this helps.


racer zoom.jpg