Ass Over Teakettle

hey everyone,

If you live in the area ( Van island ) theres a bike trials event in mill bay ( near victoria ). this will be my second year going and Kris Holm usually goes too. Theres about 4 of us that are goin to compete this year. If we can get enough people together then they’ll let us have our own catagory.


Saturday April 24th @ 10:30 AM
$35 (or $30 for pre-registration)*
Kerry Park Recreation Centre
1035 Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd.
Mill Bay, BC
P (250) 743 - 5922
F (250) 743 7939

Never Land Cycles
The Trialsin Shop
Mill Bay Muffler
Ace Bobcat
Broadwalk Coffee
Mill Bay Towing

That looks like fun, wish I could make it. Looking foward to the pics & vids though.

With a little web-search I found the sign-up form at Ass Over Tea Kettle 2004 from, there is a link to the discussion thread for the event too. Kerry Park Recreation Centre