Asia-Pacific Unicycle Championships in Seoul, South Korea

The Asia-Pacific Unicycling Championships took place from 29th Jul - 1st Aug in Seoul, South Korea and was attended by participants from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

This is a pretty belated post but I haven’t seen any threads about this yet so hopefully some of you guys who were at the event could contribute some photos and write ups.

Here’s mine:

Never knew about it until afterwards…

The chicken wings were probably cooked chinese style :smiley:

Korean style bbq beef is very good too :slight_smile:


I just went to Seoul because i got a booking from “starking”. Sadly it was realy spontanious and i didnt knew about unicyclists in Seoul. Otherwise it would have been nice to meet and unicycle together.

Nah, the wings were definitely korean-style. Or western-influenced.

Lutz - if you’re ever in Asia again, drop me a note!