Artistic bicycling video(s) wanted

At the Davis Cyclebration yesterday, I had the honor of performing again with a
Diamondback BMX stunt team. These gifted riders displayed amazing skills in
flatland freestyle (tricks on the ground) and some cool ramp jumping.

One of the riders asked if he could try out my old Bauer artistic bicycle. These
European bikes are like the grandfathers of the BMX freestyle bikes of today,
and that’s how I presented it in my show. I was impressed at the success he had
in attempting some of his tricks on such a different bike.

After the show he asked if I knew where to get a video of artistic bicycling. He
had seen it before (if only on video, or in movies like Quicksilver). I don’t
know of a place where such a video can be purchased. Anyone out there know where
such a video can be ordered (NTSC format, if possible)? Or contacts where he
might inquire?


Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone