Artist in need of any condition used unicycles.

The request below came in from one of my websites.

Can anyone help her out?

Contact Lisa at lauerbac (att) usc (dott) edu

Hi. I am doing an event & project as part of a weekend art exhibition
in Joshua Tree and I’m looking for used unicycles. I have bought
several online and through Craigslist, but time is running short, and
I don’t have enough! I am interested in older, funkier, models, but
will take anything… cobwebs and rust is no problem.

The project stems from an interest I have in small freestanding
businesses. I have been photographing urban landscapes for a few
years and now I’ve decided to create my own small business. I rode a
unicycle for several years as a teenager and have recently picked it
up again so I’ve decided to build a unicycle rental shop for my
project. The unicycles will all be cleaned and painted, and will be
available for rent over the weekend.

I have an amazing looking motley bunch of unis thus far, and I’m
looking for more in any condition. I would like to take them to be
painted the first week of May, so if you might know if anyone has
anything available, or where I might find a few more used unicycles,
please get in touch.

Thank you so much!



You might have more luck if you posted in the trading post.

Im sure if you got a coker you would have no problem renting it out, I would have loved to try one before commiting two weeks pay :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I’m not quite sure how the rest of your post applies to what that person was asking but make the commitment, it is definitely worth it trust me.

sure how I missed the first three lines of the post so I thought that teachndad was starting a unicycle renting business. But starting a thread in the Trading Post on this site might bring it to the attention to someone who is looking to sell and does not check RSU regularly.

And I got the coker a few weeks ago, now I just need to wait three more weeks to get that pin out of my shoulder and I can ride it!:smiley:

I was doing a google search for bicycle stuff and unexpectedly found a unicycle related blurb in a blog that was in the google results.

That blog post brought me to the results of Lisa’s quest for used unicycles.

A Unicycle Shop in Joshua Tree renting unicycles for 10 cents per hour

It’s an art thing

There is also a link to a new book called Unicycle Shop that I assume documents the Joshua Tree Unicycle Shop experiment.