Article in local Bike Publication

There is an article about me in a local quarterly bike publication. Here is a link to the publication. I am on page 6 :slight_smile:

much more thorough than my school newspapers article.

I was pleasantly surprised on how the article came out.

Nice article. I liked the focus on muni :sunglasses: I was recently in a newspaper article myself, but that one ended up focusing on road riding with muni only briefly mentioned :roll_eyes:

Cool article Andy! Hopefully it will draw some more unicyclists out of the Tucson area.

I hope so. We’ll see if anyone new shows up at the Uni Get-together in a few weeks. Hope people aren’t intimidated by the muni riding.

I fixed that by only really talking about muni.

Nice article if you get past the first paragraph. :slight_smile:

When I was in Tucson this summer, I convinced my brother to buy a cheap unicycle so he could learn to ride (and I could have something to ride while I was there :)). The bike shop owner asked us if there was a clown convention in town because it was the third unicycle he sold that day…

very nice

I’m organizing a get together later this month at a park. Tell your brother to come join us (even if he can’t ride yet). Details at my website ( What bike shop btw?

cool one Andy, and the video interview of you on the trail while back, that was a good one too.

Thanks Pete. I think the secret is to control the message. If you get interviewed, only tell them things that you would want to see in print.

We went to Ajo Bikes, they even had a Torker DX and a guy who worked there could actually ride. He was hopping around the store when we came in.

Tucson must be a great place for muni, lots of desert to ride in. If only it was not so hot from May through October :slight_smile:

Last time I went by Ajo Bikes they only had some cheapy unis. I’ll have to pay them a visit.

Yes, lots of good riding here. In the summer, I ride super early in the morning for desert rides, or I drive up the mountains to a higher elevation.