Arrow Racing Savage 24 x 3.0 DH Tire

anyone riding this tyre?

its only $20 bucks,which is a bargin compared to a 55 dollar Gazz.

anyone have the both to compare? are the sidewalls thick?

I ride the Arrow, but one of the strangest things about it is that no where on it does it say ‘Savage’, or anything of the sort. It says “Wildlife Leopard” something.

Anyway, it is definitely a bargain. I have ridden a Gazz tire (not owned one) but I haven’t had enough experience to really compare. I don’t know about the sidewalls, but the main differences are 1) the tread pattern, and 2) the Arrow is shaped round like the tube, and so most of the contact is on the treads in the middle: this probably means less traction. By contrast, the Gazz tire has a flat shape when pumped up and likely gets more surface area on the ground.

Yes, it’s more money, but it’s probably a better tire.

I’m in the process of making my Arrow a slick while i save up for a Gazz.

are you sure that is an Arrow tyre? because Duro makes the “wildlife leopard”

thanx for your thoughts though…

what about this tyre?

Arrow Racing Wide Bite 3.0 Tire

that one is $44 bucks and looks better than the Gazz,anyone using that one?nice red sidewall :sunglasses:

Jagur – I may be way out in left field on this, but I think the Duro that came with the new KH24 is the same tire as the Arrow. I had a close look at the Arrow and I saw formed in the rubber a very small Duro logo. It could be a case of branding or licensing or some other marketing slight of hand; the two do look the same. Cliff rides both, I remember him saying that he liked the arrow, but I can’t remember the details of why.

this tyre
sure does look sweet!

I have the savage tire on my Yuni Muni. Its not a bad tire at all, I have had it for about 6 months and have exoerienced no problems.


I see that ebay has some 24x3 tires. item# 2711261024

I am not and I do not know the seller.

I had the Savage for a couple of months before I upgraded to a gazz. it’s an alright tire for the price, but I noticed considerable tire fold when hopping sideways up a slope or onto stuff, due to the thin sidewall. I also noticed from my tire tracks that with the rounder tread shape, you don’t get as much tread to the ground as you do with the gazz. I’d say pay the extra $30 and get a gazz.

I have an Arrow Racing 24x2.75 tyre, which has a similar tread pattern to the picture Jagur posted. I haven’t ridden on an Arrow 24x3 tyre but for the record here’s my thoughts on the 24X2.75.

For an experiment last week I changed from my usual Gazz 24x3 to the Arrow 24x2.75. I’m afraid I can’t say anything positive about the way it rides. It was fine on perfectly flat stretches but riding any slight camber was awful. I was really fighting the unicycle just to go in the direction I wanted. My arms were flailing wildly and I was cursing the tyre for not being able to handle a gentle gravel road. I was so p***ed off with the Arrow I turned around after 20 minutes of torture, rode/wobbled back to the car and changed back to my Gazz. Aaaaah! Sweet relief. The difference was enormous and reinforced my belief that the Gazz is a superb tyre.

If the Arrow 24x3 rides anything like the 2.75" version, I’d strongly reccommend against it! Save yr pennies and get a Gazz!

oh sure,go ahead and post a review like that after ive already ordered the thing. :roll_eyes: now i have 10 dayz to wait and see what its like,i ordered the 44 dollar 24x3.0 WIDE BITE.

belive me,if its that bad,i’ll notice and send it back without even getting it dirty. but that red sidewall is still sexy!

Hey Tony, you managed to get your 24x3 tyres off your rims just like that? I haven’t tried yet but if it’s anything like my 26’ Gazz it will be a challenge.

I have the Duro tyre 3’ on my new KH24’. Yeah, it does have a tendency to not go where you want it but I didn’t think it was too bad. The traction is good but I’m comparing that to a 26x2.6’ Gazz.


i just realised somthing,the Arrow tyre im getting is only available in 24x3.0 so i think we are talking about two differant tyres.

Get some metal tire levers and it will be much easier to install and remove the DH tires.

Park Tool is now making a metal tire lever

Intense Tires also makes a metal tire lever

You can also get a tire lever very similar to the Intense lever at a motorcycle or moped shop.

I still don’t understand why does not carry metal tire levers. They really should have them in the catalog. All of the local DH and freeride oriented bike shops (the shops that stock Gazz tires and other DH tires) have metal tire levers in stock. If you sell DH tires it should be a given that you also stock metal tire levers.

John, it might be because with the imroper use of a metal DH tire lever you can rip right through the sidewalls of rims? maybe they dont want to be held responsible.

I would have to disagree… With that logic, they wouldn’t sell us a MUni because we could bang up our shins, break a wrist, sprain an ankle, hit your head…

They just probably havn’t had enough people ask them, or the suppliers won’t make it profitable for them to sell them. Who knows, but I really doubt it’s a matter of being responsible.

I ordered the Intense levers a few days ago through a LBS. For something that small, unless you are ordering a bunch of other stuff, the shipping charges on just a couple levers from would probably just about double the price. Online usually isn’t the best place to buy small things.

I was just saying it was possible is all.

these composite levers made by Pedros have been good to me.

as far as plastic goes,these are the strongest yet.

Well if I have been riding a different tire than the Arrow Savage, then it’s’s fault.

All I’m saying is that I ordered what said “Arrow racing Savage tire-- 24”/3.0" and that’s what they sent me.

Maybe it is a different tire, but it definitely has ‘Arrow’ in bright yellow on the side.

The proper metal levers are blunt enough that you aren’t going to rip the sidewall of the tire by using them. If you’re using a metal screwdriver then yah, you could do some damage to the sidewall of the tire.

I also put some duct tape on my tire lever to keep it from scuffing up the rim as I use it.

As long as the metal tire lever is blunt with no sharp edges I see no problems with using a metal lever on a DH tire. A little duct tape on the lever will save the rim from some scratches while using the lever.