ARRIVAL: Multi-wheeled Unicycles! + 4 Uni Mags

My Double Wheel Ext kits arrived and Issues 2,3,4,5 of Uni Mag arrived also. The arrival was expected in 2 days but when I arrived home from school I found 3 boxes on the floor and I was excited to the extreme. I also only expected 3 issues of uni mag but I got 4 instead and I haven’t read them yet but I’ve had a glance and there looking good.

Anyway, me and Dad went down to the shed and started assembling it, joining the Extension kits to the Axis 20" that I bought also to join the kits too. It was easy to assemble as normal but the hardest part was getting the pressure and friction rite. It’s still a bit tight now but I will deal with that soon.

So when it was done, me and my 2 friends that came over to see the amazing site, went out the front, across to the footpath next to the lamp post. I needed help, one friend to lift the unicycle up as the unicycle seat was between my legs and I climbed the pole with the unicycle under me. My other friend had his feet at the end wheel so it did not slip forwards, preventing me from getting on it.

So once I was up, it felt amazingly high and so… good! I rode around the lamp post, holding onto the lamp post. After a few minutes of getting used to I released my hands and rode it. It felt like my 5FT giraffe and I didn’t struggle at all. It felt so cool and amazing. So I just rode it around close to home and it was definitely worth it. ($450) I also found that when getting on it, the seat moves and is very sensitive, due to the weight of the unicycle and the clamp is aluminum quick release so I will get the bolt-on clamp from my other unicycle. (Can’t wait to go busking on it)

As for the Uni Mags, I say again haven’t read them but I’m sure they will be good, I’ll read them tonight.

So that’s it, when I feel like it, I will take one wheel off and head to learning the 2-wheeler which I have been told is very tricky.


Sounds cool. The 3 wheeler is a blast, I haven’t been on one for about 10 years, but they do seem to get the most attention. I bet you get more money busking on it than on your 5 ft giraffe.

I’m still waiting on UDC US to get their stock of Uni mag issue 5.

Their shipment may have gone AWOL :(, I’m getting it looked at.

Ah, okay, I was wondering why it wasn’t up on UDC US. No rush for me, but I do know that Team Goonies is in it, so I am waiting to see our amazing #1 team in the mag. :smiley: