Armor size?

Hey all,

I made a new years’ resolution to stop chewing up my shins on my pedals, so I’ve been looking for some armor.

Side note:
If anyone knows any good places in Maine that sell armor (sixsixone would be nice) please let me know…I drove all over the state this week and I couldn’t find anything.

Anyway, since I can’t find anything in-state, I’m looking online. I’m not sure how to size myself though. I’m about 5’10", 160lbs and I have rather muscular legs, but smaller arms. How adjustable are the sixsixone knee/shin and forearm/elbow guards? Does anyone of similar size/build own a set?


Me and my friends all got larges. I’, 6’1’’, 190. Nick is about 5’10 150. So they are adjustable enough to fit a lot oif sizes. I’d go with large.

You want the large size for your legs. For arms i expect either large or medium would work.

Thanks folks…I went with large legs and medium arms. Hope they get here soon!

Just to add my 2 cents afterwards, I went with large and I’m only 5’8". They may look to big on me, but
a. I don’t care.
b. No one is going to be looking at me hopping up a flight of stairs on my MUni and say, “Ha! That guy’s leg armor is too big!”
c. When I ordered them, they only had large and small, and I didn’t feel like waiting.
They actually feel fine on my legs. I can see how people feel like they restrict leg movement, but I feel so much more indestructable while wearing them!