Arizona Muni Weekend Video!

This is it. I’ve finally finished the video for the Arizona Muni Weekend in February. Check it out and pass it along to others who made it out there.


Very nice vid ! Looks like everybody had a lot of fun in a great natural playground !!

I wish I could have attended :confused:

Thanks very nice video! I’m happy to see riders other than me take falls. All the other videos people have perfect rides and make it look easy. This shows just how hard muni riding really is.

Great video! Saw some spots I got to ride a month or so later with N8B- I want to go back!

Thanks Shane!

Phoenix is definitely a playground for Muni. Some of a trails are a little brutal, as the vid shows.

Hopefully Phoenix Muni Weekend 2016 will happen, so, come on back!

For anybody who didn’t attend the event…there was probably more time spent carrying MUnis ‘up’ hills than was spent riding ‘down’ them…not the kind of thing which inspires turning on the video camera. As a relative beginner, I found it hard to walk and walk, then get on and ride down technical terrain. Nature of the beast. I was pretty discouraged after day one, but I felt much better (delirious?) by day three. All in all a fun event…nice people, challenging terrain. Thanks, N8B for organizing it.

Terrifying…ly awesome.