Arizona Muni Weekend February 18th - 20th

Arizona Muni Weekend is this month on the 18th- 20th. The group will ride South Mountain in Phoenix as well as Dreamy Draw. One day will be spent in Sedona, which I will attend. Everything is greening up well from the heavy Monsoon we had this summer, so conditions will be favorable. Who’s going?
Unfortunately this group lives on Facebook, something which I do not use, and the actual dates and locations are unknown yet. Does anyone have that info?

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Looks like I need to go get some practice. I haven’t done any muni in a year or two but I’d love to go.

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Hey Unibeetle, It may be a great time to get your Muni out for a ride. :sunglasses:

Making sure a trip to Mexico won’t collide with the Sedona ride… can any Facebook fan look up the dates of each event held at the Arizona Muni Weekend 2023? I’d like to attend the Sedona ride if the timing works out. Thanx guys for the help.

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Thanx UniBeetle :cowboy_hat_face:

Here’s a copy of the latest post

Hey everyone AZ muni weekend is still on for next weekend. Weather could be a little sketchy but we will plan around it.

Saturday 10 am -south mountain at mormon trail head. We will go up geronimo across national and back down Mormon.
Mormon Trailhead
(602) 620-2891)
Trail head

Sunday will probably be sedona. The weather was looking sketchy over the weekend but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna snow until Wednesday. We will most likely ride broken arrow to chicken point with a possible detour to submarine rock. Broken Arrow Trail
(928) 203-7500
Trail head

Monday will be in the phoenix mountain preserve we will ride the same trail as last year up to cheese grater.
Piestewa Peak Trails
(602) 495-5458
Trail head

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The snow we got last night, 4” in Prescott will burn off just like ‘Slowdona’ will. Can’t help myself, folks there are on another time zone.