are these cranks okay for trials? and this tire?

Hi, i was wondering if you guys think that 158mm cranks are to long for trials. (as im considering prucahsing some cranks that long). and ive read sponge’s review on trials tires (which i thought was awsome and helped a lot) but i was wondering if there was anyone who had the Luna trials tire on here, and was wondering what they thought (as there wasnt to to to much info compared to the other tires reviewed on sponges review)

Luna is a good choice, 158 is way too long for cranks I use 150’s on all my munis.
You should get cranks in the 125-140 range.

I used 150s on my trials. It was OK but if I went for rides on trails I got a lot of pedal strikes. I thought that 150mm was longer than ideal and 158mm will be just that little bit more awkward. I also tried 125s and found I had less control. There is a reason that 137/140mm cranks are popular for trials unicycles.

I had also ridden the Luna. It has that slightly cheep but durable feel to it. Not that sticky but it lasts forever and has nice stiff sidewalls. Personally I prefer it to the flimsier by stickier Creepy Crawler. never tried anything else though.

I use 125 cranks for trials and love them I’ve tryed 137s and they are ok. Its mainly based on personal preferance. Most people will say.

Also I haven’t ridden the the luna trials tyre

158mm cranks are way too long for a Trials uni…
And I’ve ridden a Luna tire since 1.5 years now(but I changed it yesterday for a Try-all), I loved it, it lasts pretty long, I still haven’t seen any difference of grip with my Try-all now but I’ve only ridden my try-all few hours(in wet conditions). But the Luna is a great tire:)